We’ve stopped supporting the free version of the tool. Please contact us for full API access to SEMrush using our modules.

If you have an SEMrush account you have an API key. Look at the drop-down in the upper right when logged in. You’ll see a link for API and from that page click on profile. If you don’t have an SEMrush account, API keys are available for as little as $15 (look for the “buy API” button). This Google rank checker for Web pages will show you the related keywords that also rank from each of the URLs you enter.  Compare the related keywords of many pages with similar topics in the same downloadable spreadsheet.

Please read instructions before using!

We suggest you get URLs only from  the By Keywords tool results or from URL results you download to CSV or Excel from SEMrush.com. You will get error messages from the API calls if the URL is not formed exactly as in SEMrush database (which is how it was found in Google SERP) or if it’s not in their database because it doesn’t have any ranking keywords for the top keywords they track.  If you copy/paste from SEMrush web interface, it may not work. 

URLs should entered one per line, DB is the country database as in SEMrush, LIMIT is the number of lines returned for each of the domains you enter, DELAY is the interval for each API call ping to the server (this is where spreadsheet APIs have problems: they ping ALL at once which is against the SEMrush TOS), DATE defaults to current. To set prior months, historic, use the 15th day of the month.

Look for the download button at the bottom of the page after submitting your bulk query.  You want to look at these directly in a spreadsheet; let the newbies eyeball data results without sorting or filtering. All column headers are in the same order and have the same meaning as those on SEMrush.

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